Lesson Rates: 
All private lessons are $35.00 per half hour or $70.00 per hour.
There is a discount for prepaying 4 lessons in advance:
$125 for 4-half hour lessons (verses $140) and
$250 for 4-hour lessons (verses $280).

$15/Hour unless you are in a special semester group where the rate is only $10/Hour

Payment for lessons are prepaid at least one week in advance.
We accept: Cash, Check, credit cards via Paypal &
prefer PATREON (which uses Paypal) for lessons payments.
Lessons are transferable to siblings or relatives, but they are non-refundable.

You can simply purchase one private lesson or event directly via Paypal with this button.
This includes tuition for a ONE-TIME Group Lesson.
(Paypal address: Manager@MusicTechKids.com)
Parents or relatives can pay tuition for montly private lessons or monthly group lessons,
by credit cards or their own Paypal account
Amount of time and days
Lesson Type

...Or watch these Videos to learn more or go directly to our funding site at www.Patreon.com/MusicTechKids
This is like a "private Facebook/Twitter/Instigram" club" where only "Patrons" get to see sneak previews of music videos or photos from the parents of lessons in progress.
It is great for Grand Parents, Aunts/Uncles and other relatives!
Anyone can be a basic member but parents must approve
the upper level memberships to see live stream videos.

The MusicTech Kids SCHOLARSHIP FUND for the Non-Profit (in-the-works) venture, is designed to help make the opportunity TUITION-FREE for a select group of very gifted students, no-matter their family financial ability. With your kind assistance either via a direct tax deductible donation or via the new Patreon Crowd Funding campaign, (launching soon) we can help make a kid dream a reality.


Our grads have performed in Disney, Carnegie Hall, Off-Broadway, in Sports Arenas, on Radio & TV even on an Aircraft Carrier and in the “Hall of Heroes” in the Pentagon!


The founder Professor Musial was raised by wonderful parents in the Buffalo, NY area who were farmer/factory workers. They did what they could to help his musical gift grow by paying for weekly music lessons. When it was time for college, he had to work in a factory midnight to 8am, and then also take out lots of student loans tom pay for his education! He lived at home and is thankful for his parents kind and generous assistance. Eventually Prof. Musial received private grants to the Juilliard School of Music and an official Teaching Fellowship at NYU for his 4 years in Graduate School for Music Technology. He completed 10 years total in college! Without Scholarships, he cold not help anyone and he has helped hundreds by forming the Smart Trax Institute of Technology from an artistic grant!